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Downlaod Movie BloodRayne 2

Downlaod Movie BloodRyne 2
In Deliverance, in the Old West, the heroine Rayne (Natassia Malthe) is a town invaded by a group of vampire cowboys, who massacred the inhabitants of the region. Among them is Billy the Kid (Zack Ward), a vampire of Transilvania you are willing to establish his kingdom there. Rayne needs to combat it, receiving help from Pat Garret (Michael Paré), who is a member society of vampire-hunting of Brimstone.
Rayne is a Damphir, an abnormal union between vampire and humano.Nascida a century ago in Romania, Rayne hunting vampires for a long time.
Now she wants to destroy Billy and this needs the help of Pat Garret, as Rayne, a member society of vampire hunting Brimstone.
The old west will never the same when Garret and the Brimstone Society BloodRayne and, with its deadly stunts with knives and blades, should unite against Billy the Kid and army of vampire cowboys.

Technical Information:
Title: BloodRayne 2 - Liberation 2007
Genre: Horror
Quality: Dvd-Rip
Video: Xvid
Audio: MP3
Language: English / Portuguese
Size: 700 MB
Duration: 92 minutes
Resolution: 560x304


FILME - 174 last stop for download

FILME - 174 last stop for download
Synopsis: Drama based on real facts about the life of the kid Sandro do Nascimento, guttersnipe who survived the massacre of Candelaria, and in 2000, hijacked a bus in Rio de Janeiro. Taking a girl hostage in the sights of your gun, the police - an elite shooters - just shooting and killing the two. The fact was broadcast by TV. In 2002 the director Jose Padilha, Tropa de Elite from, made the history in documetário Bus 174

Style: Film
Size: 700 Mb
Format: dvdrip
Audio: Portuguese
Video Quality: 10
Hosting: Megaupload


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